About us

OLIVE MAKER specializes in supplying olive oils and grocery products of the highest quality. We provide our customers with a wide range of grocery products at the best prices. We regularly improve and develop our supply chain, and we adhere to the highest standards. This allows us to not only meet but also exceed  the requirements of our most demanding clients.

OLIVE MAKER has a professional team of experienced sales representatives and quality control inspectors, including management and administration . Our facility includes a product inspection room and warehouses.

Our company has built a reputation as a truly reliable supplier with excellent experience in serving our customers worldwide, and we are striving to build trusting long-term relationships. Our capabilities allow us to develop cost-effective solutions for each client, and our dedicated and professional team of sales representatives are always ready to promptly provide you with their services and help you make the best choice from our range of products.

OLIVE MAKER’s management team and all our employees are committed to the following fundamental principles: “Full dedication, sustainable development, and customer confidence  come first!”


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OLIVE MAKER is committed to providing our customers from all over the world with products that have passed rigorous  quality control. We supply products that meet wide consumer demand and regulatory quality requirements.

Our vision is to be a trusted one-stop provider of comprehensive services in the areas of olive oils and grocery products. To realize our vision, we plan to gradually execute the following:

– establish open communication channels with our customers worldwide

– improve the skills of our professional team and expand our wholesale experience

– adhere to strict quality control measures, applying various inspection methods

– organize rapid and efficient cooperation between our representatives and our manufacturers and customers

OLIVE MAKER is constantly improving its quality management system and aims to build a wide client base around the world.


Our goal is to deliver excellent products and services at affordable prices.


Our mission is to establish a wholesale supply chain for olive oil and grocery products in different regions of the world, building trustful and reliable relationships with our customers and partners.


Quality Policy

OLIVE MAKER follows the international standards ISO 9001 / ISO 22000 to provide products that meet consumer and regulatory requirements. We constantly monitor the quality of all our products and improve our supply chain. This helps us reduce risk and adopt mechanisms in response to internal and external changes, which in turn helps us meet our stakeholders’ demands and expectations. In addition to expanding our customer base and our product lines, OLIVE MAKER will use our spirit of teamwork and determination to upgrade our manufacturing capabilities and develop new products . Our highly skilled team employs years of experience as well as professional knowledge to increase customer satisfaction and maintain the stable operation of our company. Our pursuit to continuously improve quality:

– fully dedicated to meeting the interests of our customers

– continuous improvements

– customer satisfaction

– sustainable development